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How many people do you know who put their phone away while eating dinner with their friends or family? The answer is probably few to none. People of all ages have an addiction to their phones. Everywhere you look, there are people texting, sending snapchats, and checking social media while doing things like walking, running, eating with friends and family, or even driving. People don’t spend time with the people they love anymore – it’s all about what is on the screen. Some people can’t even wait just a few minutes before checking their phone again. This kind of behavior is sad when you think about it.

Well Chick-fil-a has a solution: The Cellphone Coop. Cute, Right? The restaurant now places boxes at each table with instructions on the Family Challenge. The goal of this challenge is to correct this habit of being disconnected to our family and friends when spending time together. The instructions of this challenge are as follows on the box: 

1. Turn all family cell phones to silent and place in this cell phone coop.

2. Enjoy your Chick-fil-A meal and each other distraction free!

3. After the meal, let us now that you have successfully completed the challenge and each of you will receive a small Icedream cone.

So far Chick-fil-a has had a great amount of participation, people even ask if they can take the boxes home so that they can use it at their own family dinner table, and other eating establishments. There it is ladies, and gents. Chick-fil-a is on their way to restoring your faith in humanity – one Cellphone Coop at a time!

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