Little Women the Musical

By Kaleigh Scott

The story introduces the audience to four main characters Jo, Beth, Amy, and Meg. The musical follows the timeless tale of girls becoming women and the ups and downs that happen in life. Jo is a very creative female that is ahead of her time; coming up with stories that integrate her whole family into her expansive imagination. Beth is quite individual, yet always ready to participate in the fun of the people around her and pushes her sisters to live their lives to the fullest. Amy continuously throughout the story is trying to grow up too fast which leads her to mischievous acts in the musical. Meg is thought to be the beauty of the bunch and has an ideal life by falling in love and raising a family. Other characters such as Marmee, Aunt March, and Laurie become key points in the lives of all the sisters.

The musical was amazing. The orchestral players really helped move the story along when certain scenes would be tense or playful, the music would bring out those parts. The song that was beautifully sung by the actors and actresses delighted both myself and the people sitting around me. The costumes that were made by Melissa Rooney, showed the time period well and crafted were to make each scene the best it could be. Some of the jokes that were made went over my head but that did not stop me from enjoying the show. The set design lets the audience know clearly where the sisters were whether that be at their house or at a ball dancing the night away.

Watching this makes me want to go read the book and watch the movies. I have not seen the 1949 nor the 1994 versions of the movie adaptations, but I know the Academy Award-Winning actors that played these roles would have been pleased in the work that was put into this musical. Actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor, Susan Sarandon, and Winona Ryder started their careers early and made it to the big on-screen and I know that the people that worked on the project will do the same. Congratulations to great opening night.

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