Quick Tips for Studying Efficiently
Midterms are finally upon us and the challenge of heavy study is exhausting. While many students at this time of the year are working hard, it can become difficult to know when you are studying efficiently or not. Here are a few tips to make sure you are absorbing as much knowledge as you can while you are
preparing for your tests.

1. Pick the Right Location
If you are a person with a habit of studying in one place for every test, try switching it up! With a change of scenery, you can easily encourage memorization with your new surroundings. Try going to a different
room for each subject or picking a new place to study in each day of the week. Not only will this encourage memorization, but it can give you relief from stress triggering factors that can often be felt when studying in the same spot every time.

2. Make A Plan
With so many tests that happen at one time, it can become easy to be swamped while studying. By creating a plan around a week before your test you can see where you stand for each class and properly allot the time needed.

3. Get Rid of Distractions
Cell phones, laptops, and other devices are great tools for understanding lecture material and providing access to the information needed. However, they can also be a distraction that prevents you from studying well. It is best to turn off your phone and stay away from the internet when you can. Simple
research can turn into surfing the web in a matter of minutes, even if this was not the intention.

4. Teach It
The best way to find out if you understand something is by explaining it to somebody who knows nothing. This can allow you to be aware of your knowledge of the material and will show what it might be like to answer the question on a test.

5. Take a break
Breaks are powerful tools that can make or break your studying process. For every hour of studying take a five-minute break to reset your mind. This makes for a great opportunity to get a snack or refresh your brain with something other than schoolwork. But beware, it is easy to extend your break far longer than necessary, especially if you’re on your phone or the internet. Be conscious of your time and work hard to maintain your focus on the task at hand. With these tips, you can decrease the amount of time you spend per subject and increase your knowledge for each class. Starting your midterms with a bag of new tricks is the perfect way to kick off midterms week.

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