Origins of Valentines Day
Like many holidays, Valentine’s Day had a dark and unusual origin. In the 20th century, we celebrate the month of February with gifts of chocolates, flowers, and roses; however, it wasn’t always celebrated this way.
Valentine’s Day began as a pagan holiday in Rome, enjoyed as Lupercalia, a festival.
This day followed the tale of Remus and Romulus with their she-wolf mother. Goats and dogs were sacrificed for fertility and purification followed by cutting the goat’s hide into strips, dipping them in blood, and then slapping women and crops with them. In the evening, women would pool their names together for a drawing in which the men, mostly bachelors, would randomly pick from. The resulting pairs would remain together for the rest of the year.
Although this holiday varies greatly from the event we know today, it was celebrated with just as much enthusiasm. If the idea of sacrificing goats and putting your name in a lottery for marriage doesn’t appeal to you, then our modern-day celebration of love is the best way to go. Let’s hope the goats stay in the past and we can continue our holidays with gifts that are much easier to appreciate.

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