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Since 1923, The Bray has been the student voice of Southern Arkansas University.

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The Bray encourages the sharing of ideas as a way of facilitating discourse on issues important to the student body. We hold freedom from censorship in high regard, and make every effort to ensure that your voice is heard unimpeded. We do, however, have a few rules for commenting on TheBrayOnline.com or the Bray Facebook page in order to provide an environment of fruitful discussion. We encourage all commenters to use their whole name when posting or, at minimum, a first name and last initial. The Bray reserves the right to remove or partially censor comments that are of a threatening, profane or libelous nature; personal ad hominem attacks, including racist, sexist or other offensively discriminatory content; and comments advertising a product or service for business or personal interests.

The Bray is a student publication of Southern Arkansas University. The opinions expressed may or may not reflect the views of the Board of Trustees, faculty, or administration of the university. Opinions are statements of the individual writer, not of the publication.

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